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Jennifer is a corporate strategist gone rogue, currently on her way to becoming a spatial designer. Having worked in 8+ countries in the past 13 years in the corporate world, armed with 3 of the most spoken languages, she is the happiest when igniting new ideas, initiating dialogs at cross roads, or simply bringing different people together. She started her career in corporate strategy with the Energy sector here in London, and has subsequently been expatriated to the Middle East, Asia Pac, Australia and New Zealand, and Greater China, helping clients and stakeholders improve their financial and operational performances. She enjoyed her work the most when she got to tell stories to a wide range of constituencies with numbers, figures, analysis, insights and workshops. The nuances of conversing with stakeholders ranging from government agencies, petrochemical engineers to chartered accountants always stirred her imagination. She consistently thrived to convey an idea more effectively, through the optimal medium and opportune timing. On the side, she applied her passion of story telling in community work across the continents. Equality, inclusiveness and sustainable development are two of the things that she is the most interested in. She worked on the rebranding of YWCA San Francisco and Marin County, bringing literacy programs to remote nomadic communities in the Republic of Mongolia, and supplying clean portable fuel to home cooking in the township of Soweto. Currently, she is exploring two distinct topics; 1) how to allow museums the opportunity to reach a bigger audience, and vice versa, through technology and digital tools; 2) how to build a coherent brand experience, both on line and offline, for a clean and sustainable consumer brand? She has an MBA in strategy and innovation from INSEAD, France. She is now a first year MA student in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martin, London. Jennifer is originally from Taiwan, and is bilingual in English and Mandarin, with a working level knowledge of Castellan Spanish.

Discipline: Corporate Strategy

Year of graduation: 2020