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Even though all my family is from London I was born in France and grew up in the south of Spain, where I lived near Granada until I was 15 when I moved back to the UK. Because of this I speak fluent Spanish and English as well as a little French. I have a BA in Humanities and Critical Studies from the University of Brighton, an MSt in History of Art from the University of Oxford. During this time I was primarily interested in the means by which identity is formed. Through philosophy, politics, art and now design my research continues to explore how people develop and switch between different codes of being. After my MSt I founded and ran an arts initiative called By Other Means which focused on promoting alternative curation styles and provided residencies for artists who wished to pursue new interdisciplinary projects. During these I worked on tailoring exhibition environments to each artist, collaborating with them directly in every stage from inception to exhibition in order to make intensely personal and unique art experiences. Other interests include night life, woodwork, technology, video games, gin and literature. I also spend a lot of time exploring urban environments, either in London or abroad.

Discipline: Art Director, Curator

Year of graduation: 2020