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Dino Shi-Yong, Zhao is an interdisciplinary designer. In 2014, Dino finished his Bachelor degree of industrial and product design. While studying in the university, he also participated some student associations and was mainly responsible for editing and graphic design, which help him to accumulate some experience of printing and publishing. By the time he graduated, Dino had his placement at a department store as an exhibition design assistant. During the internship, he learned not only about the collaboration between an agency and artists but also the combination between the commercial and the arts. Another internship experience occurred in his senior year. In this furniture development studio, Dino assisted in designing new collection of furniture and involved in the process from concept to real product. Between 2015 to 2017, Dino joined the team as a window display and installation designer in the department store where he interned before. During working there, he met many talented artists, designers, and experts in various fields and was also inspired a lot while collaborating with them. Moreover, in different projects, switching himself as different roles like a designer, a curator or a planner led him to think with different perspectives and allowed him to able to equipped with comprehensive knowledge. For now, Dino is aim to elevate himself to be able to more comprehend the keen connection between audience and designers. In order to achieve this goal, he is studying his MA degree in narrative environments at Central Saint Martin, University of the Art London. He believes that immersing in the city with modern and history, in the university with versatile classmates and professors, enables him to be a critical, well-thinking designer in the future.

Discipline: Industrial Design

Year of graduation: 2020