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Chris is a design crafter and a story-lover. He benefits his thoughts and works constantly from various of aesthetic, narrative and philosophic forms that inspires him. For the past decade Chris has kept his practices in branding and design industry. His previous works mainly include brand identity, print and web design. When talking about his ways of working and living, Chris believes that the ways of building a great brand somehow equals to the ways of being a useful and meaningful person, which in his mind these essential ways are—to be authentic, to be thoughtful and meaningful, and to be simple and focused. Chris graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology with a BA in Graphic Design in 2008. After that, he has been worked in several branding and design agencies in China, such as Interbrand, Siegel+Gale, Labbrand, Dongdao Design and Morning Design. Currently he studies as a MA student in Narrative Environments programme in Central Saint Martins, expending his visions and future possibilities. Specialties: Brand Identity, Design Research, Typography Design

Discipline: Designer / Maker

Year of graduation: 2020