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Cassandra is a musician and artist from the United States. She earned her bachelors from the Hartt School of Music where she studied music management with an emphasis in percussion performance and film production. While in school, she went to Reykjavik, Iceland with the Foot in the Door Ensemble to the Dark Days Music Festival where she filmed the group’s tour. The university used the footage to create a promotional documentary. She has also interned at a number of arts organizations and music festivals. Many of these groups/festivals feature music from students or unknown composers. Cassandra is passionate about helping young composers get exposure and premiering new music. Since graduating, Cassandra has been traveling around Europe before getting the opportunity to study Foundation at University of the Arts London last fall. While on Foundation, she studied theatre design with a focus on installation art. She is now studying on the MA Narrative Environments course at Central Saint Martins. She has a passion for making art accessible and bringing it into people’s lives and for using art and design to talk about and provoke issues within the community and in society at large.

Discipline: Conceptual Artist, Musician

Year of graduation: 2020