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Anna Beaujolin (born in 1985 Paris, France) lives and works in London and Geneva. Following her studies at Ecole Hotelière of Lausanne in Switzerland, during which she lived and worked in Paris and Beijing, she embarked on a 10-year professional journey at PublicisLive, an event communication agency. There she developed extensive experience as a director and a project manager across the globe. For the past five years as Sustainability Director, she has been driving change management within companies by creating, developing, implementing and monitoring environmental and social strategies. The purpose of her role is to position companies as leaders in the industry and to provide additional value to clients by suggesting the best sustainable practices for their business. She always felt a deep sense of responsibility towards the world we live in. Her intuition allows her to easily connect with the world around her. She is interested in people, societal and environmental issues and is fascinated by storytelling using narrativity in space to foster empathy and engage in the conversation of a changing world. By doing her master in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins in London, she aspires to grow as a visual and spatial storyteller in a transdisciplinary practice. Through experiential expansion and discovery, she wants to reach out to people and communities. Her practice, anchored in historical and contemporary socio-political contexts, aims to inspire people to find connections to their own feelings, other people and the world. She relies on research and personal stories to address complex issues. She successfully does so by simplifying the message and keeping the essentials so that the spectator's imagination can run free. In her recent project, Five Minutes Intermission, she curated an experience by creating a collective exhibition where participants became co-authors. The physical exhibition allows visitors to experience a moment of contemplation to reconnect with their fundamental self. She wishes to develop new projects in which narration unfold in space through different elements (spatial, visual, performative, philosophical, activism, scientific, theoretical, etc.), with the goal of immersing the audience in individual and collective transformative timeless moments.

Discipline: Project Management, Sustainable Development

Year of graduation: 2020