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Amelia Vilaplana is an Architect (University of Alicante, 2009) and Researcher holding an MA in Critical Theory and Museum Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona Independent Studies Programme (PEI MACBA) with a thesis conducted by Paul B. Preciado. Amelia has also been a fellow at the Cátedra de Estudios Artísticos of the Valencian Institute of Contemporary Art (IVAM) and currently, she is studying MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins. Exploring the politics of the urban and architectural space from a post-feminist approach, using art, curatorial practice and technology as tools to promote spacial critic, construct spacial narratives and social participation, is one of Amelia’s main interests. Her research work is developed both by theoretical work (history and critics) and by designing experimental art and architecture projects including interactive installations and collective actions aiming to rede􏰀ne urban space beyond its physical and conceptual limits. To this aim, exploring new formats, technologies and materialities is part of her work. Amelia is a co-founder of the architecture practice Vilaplana&Vilaplana studio where she develops Art, Architecture and Landscape projects permeable to her research work. She is also a Studio Tutor at the Architectural Association and has been a Design Studio Teacher at the University of Alicante (2012). Amelia has been a contributor to the MACBA, working on the archive of Ignasi de Solà-Morales, the Revolutionary Oral Museum and designing a workshop for H14-18. Her curriculum vitae includes winning the Pasajes-iGuzzini Architectural Award, Lamp International Award and the competition to renovate the entrance of the Ateneo historical building in Madrid. Vilaplana&Vilaplana studio “Summer BOOOM” is shortlisted for arquia awards 2018. As an independent researcher, Amelia has published papers in Spanish and international journals and has been a co-organizer of “MORE: Expanding architecture from a gender-based perspective”- III International Conference on Gender and Architecture (Dida School of Architecture -UniFi University of Florence). Her works have been exhibited in international forums (as the Spanish Pavillion at the 18 Venice Biennale and the Spanish Cultural Centre in Mexico) and published in international magazines and books.

Discipline: Architect

Year of graduation: 2020

Website: vilaplanaestudio.